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"A hike is a wonderful thing. We revisit the same trails but always discover something new. At Hike Labs we're discovering the wonder in our well-worn paths and bringing out the best of our favorite ideas."

About Hike Labs

Hike Labs was started in June 2014 by Jason Shellen & Mike Demers. Hike Labs is an early stage product development team focused on launching mobile and web products in the social space.

Jason Shellen and Mike Demers of Hike Labs

Jason Shellen & Mike Demers - Photo credit: Helena Price

Jason Shellen

Co-founder and CEO

Jason founded Hike Labs in 2014 after playing major roles in the development of iconic communications and publishing platforms. As a business development director and product strategist at Pyra Labs, he was part of a revolution in mass communication with Blogger, which was sold to Google in 2003. During his tenure at Google, Jason started the Google Reader project as the founding product manager. After leaving Google, he founded Thing Labs in 2008 and created social tools Plinky, Brizzly, the Brizzly Guide, & Let's Be Trends. In September 2010, Thing Labs merged with AOL, where Shellen became VP of Product heading up the AIM & Messaging Group and guided in the relaunch and rebrand of AIM. In 2013, Jason co-founded Boxer, a new market leading mobile application that changes the way people interact with email. He advises and mentors several companies and organizations and holds patents on feed and social media technologies. He also sits on the Board of Regents at his alma mater, St. Mary's College of California where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art in 1996.

Mike Demers

Head of engineering

Before joining Hike Labs as director of engineering in 2014, Mike served as CTO of captureproof, where he built a HIPAA-compliant secure platform for sharing photos and videos between doctors and patients. Mike also worked with the small team at Mixbook who built Mosaic, a top photo book creation app for iPhone, founded 9Astronauts, and served as CTO of YouSaidIt, where he developed a Q&A site for online communities. As an engineer at Kickball Labs, he built an innovative visual blogging site for creative people, and designed an app-building app for people to build their own specialized communities around interests. Mike started his career as the CTO and co-founder of Inteo, and as an engineer at Amazon.


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